Covid Feelings
I remember sitting on my beige couch at my first apartment on North Champlain street reading the news about this mysterious virus. Fear and confusion generously came easy to me. That week proved to be one of the weirdest I’ve ever experienced. I lost my job, my friends, and my family– all in one week. There was an interesting concoction of emotion that week, seasonal depression, anxiety and stress from school, and now pandemic stress. The toll of emotion must be as damaging as the virus. Everything felt so strange and off. I started changing direction from other walkers and I didn’t dare step foot in any store that week. I remember being annoyed by the masks. I wore mine but it took a while to get used to– a strange apparatus, so nonhuman yet so nonhuman to not wear. We now bare a world in which touch is unwanted and proximity is disconcerting.
Quarantine is boring– you run out of everything you like to do. I couldn’t bear to look at my sketchbook or play video games. It all felt too burnt out and dull now. That itch to get out never went away. Thank you, Mohammad, for delivering my UberEATS every night.

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